Veggies vs. Meat

In yoga, we say LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Nowadays, fortunately, you can buy organic (Bio) meat. For newcomers to the organic world, what this basically means is that the bio meat has fewer hormones and chemicals, and animals are raised in a more humane and sanitary way.
Hormones are those beautiful substances that make you a woman, and that also give us the capacity to create another human being in the belly, as well as growing old in a graceful way.
As for men, hormones will make you talk differently when you are growing up, allowing you also to start a family.
There are many manifestations to an excess of hormones in the body, like identity crisis and not being able to define comfortably ‘who I am’. But an excess of a well-balanced body can also show on anomalies of growth in the male organs.

So, the question is, is it enough to have an appetite for a ‘specific taste’ to participate in the eating of animals? Are there nutritional reasons? Do we have the right as humans to kill another being for taste?
The very reason of its existence is the exact same reason as our own…. it exists to live and has a consciousness, just like anything in this universe has.

But still, there is a common belief that we cannot live without meat because of all the properties that meat has, which veggies do not. Maybe this was true in the stone age, but nowadays we can find many of the properties which meat has through many different sources.
Meat is one of the biggest sources of protein and when you are a vegetarian or eat a lot of veggies, it is important to find other sources of protein, such as beans, lentils and all sorts of legumes.
All of which are ‘kill free foods.’
Also, it is good to watch for signs of fatigue, as this is generally a sign that you need to take a good Vitamin B complex.

The veggie-eating population is growing and alternate solutions are being found to eating meat, which are still healthy and respect others’ existence.

– by Kahita Hari Nam Kaur

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