Flexibility & Character

And what about when you are going through a hard time?
In these moments it helps to add more flexibility and character to increase the buffer when you are facing something that is out of tune.

For this, drink daily this useful nectar:
– 6 oz of carrot juice
– 2 oz of beet juice
– 4 oz of celery juice

If you are a woman, start on the first day of the moon cycle and end on the 15th.


You can check some information about the moon phases and cycles here:

Sometimes in marriage, even if you are still happily married, you argue.
For this, you can both drink 3 times a week:
• 32 oz of celery juice
This will give yourself and your partner a good amount of flexibility to deal with any situation that is out of your normal tune. It will also increase the human character to deal with life.

All of these foods are meant to serve us in a most delightful and healthy way but we also need to realize that we already have these effective tools to stay healthy and happy right inside of us.
Hair is the best example.
Read more on how to take care of it here.

– by Kahita Hari Nam Kaur

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