Healthy Hair

Foods are meant to serve us to live a healthy life, but we also need to realize that we already have these effective tools to stay healthy and happy right inside of us….
Hair is the best example.


There is not a source of protein higher than your hair in your body, and it is so easy to be friendly to give it all of your support in order to keep it healthy and strong.
The hair takes its protein from the sunlight. Whether we see the sun or not, the hair keeps on having it’s own relationship directly with the sun and getting nurtured.
This is why meditative people keep their hair as long as possible and preferably never cut it, as this is the most powerful energy antenna we have.
When hair is healthy it will help you stay joyful within because it naturally nurtures you.

So how to keep it healthy?
One way is to wash it the least possible, but instead only clean it with oils and brush it very often. I understand this is a difficult concept to digest since we are very used to associating feeling clean by wetting our head.
In that case, try to use some natural shampoo and wash it well 2 times a week.
Allow your hair to dry as much as possible under the sunlight and don’t, whatever you do, don’t brush it when wet, you will destroy your hair. Brushing when it’s wet is when the hair is most vulnerable, and this will split your ends.
Also, it is important to not leave the towel on the head while your hair “dries,” just allow you hair to dry naturally at it’s own time, whether it is in the living room behind the glass, in your garden, on your way to work or even while you take your styling tools in your bag.

Another tool to keep your hair in full shape, is to keep it without electromagnetic discharge, and it seems to be that the use of a wooden comb is the only material that doesn’t charge or discharge this electromagnetic energy.
You can comb your hair in the morning starting from bottom to top and brushing it from the front to the back and again from front to back repeatedly. This will stimulate the scalp and keep a youthful skin.
In the evenings you should only comb the hair backwards, as brushing it back and forward activates the electromagnetic field, which you do not want when you need to fall asleep.
And if your hair is long, woman or man, please braid it. This is the secret for the hair to not break or go dry.

It seems that the run on how to stay healthy and youthful has begun, and that’s a good thing.

– by Kahita Hari Nam Kaur

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