Rise & Shine

As yogis, we say that when we get up in the morning, we try not to jump out of bed.
To start, stretch like a cat and do some of your own bed-yoga stretching.
Next, before opening your eyes cover them with your hands and slowly take them away and allow these eyes to wake up slowly to the light.
Then tell your self: ‘I am great, I am grace-full, today I am breathing long and deep and facing the world with strength and shine’.
How you start your ‘computer’ will really make a difference in your everyday.

The next step is a super cold shower. Start with the feet and work it up. Allow yourself to step in and step away from the water a few times. Massage the body with the water until the water does not feel cold anymore.
This process means you will force the old blood to go out of the organs and new blood will go circulate so youthfulness comes into your system.

It is also important and necessary that we do not start our day feeling weak in order to continue to have a good rest of the day.
So, we already made the first step with the bed-yoga, the positive self-made mantra and your youthful shower.

Now, eating healthy means understanding what your body is asking for.
Eating grains is very good for the morning and proteins for the afternoon. But it is important to understand your organism’s needs.
It is also important to watch your intake of magnesium and iron and learn how to recognize when and how the body is talking to you.
For example, when you feel quickly offended or irritated maybe you need to increase some of the minerals to be in balance.
If you do not know how to read these signs, step into a professional nature-vitamin store and tell your story.
That simple.

– by Kahita Hari Nam Kaur

One thought on “Rise & Shine

  1. That’s not how it was when the conch roared before dawn!
    Crawl out of the sleeping bag, down three flights of stairs, and settle in on that cushion in front of the altar in the ashram.
    And no stretching for the next half-hour.
    Well, maybe crawling wasn’t jumping, but I know my inner reaction to that bellowing seashell was jumping. And how!

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