Your skin = Your youth

Some foods that might serve to stay healthy and youthful are foods that are good for the brain or foods that will simply keep you looking youthful.
The skin is one of the first things we look at to calculate the age of someone. And to have a youthful skin we have to look at the gut. When we look at the gut we can see everything that the intestines need to process, from fats and pesticides, to proteins and fibers. Anything we eat the system needs to process, and anything that is not processed will stay inside.
So with the skin being one of the largest organs in the body, it provides a great mirror to see what is inside.

It seems that taking foods high in preservatives is a modern luxury of the diseased man.
Preservatives seem to also preserve whatever is not good in the intestines including your toxins. It is easy to recognize if somebody eats fresh foods or highly preserved, as you can see this by the shine on someone’s skin.

For women (or men) changing your skin’s health can be a matter of 1 hour.
Take 4 liters of the best yogurt you can get, put it in your bathtub or shower and massage your every part with it, top to bottom and reverse. Take a full hour.
If in a bathtub, after massaging, fill the bathtub with hot water and allow yourself to soak for half hour in the water with the yogurt. Then rinse with good cold water.
You will see your skin becoming like a 5 year old.
The smell that sometimes comes out can be so strong, that you might need to add some rose oil under your nose to bear with the smell.
To finish up, rub your self with a soft towel until the skin turns red.
After this treatment you must sleep for a while. When getting up drink a glass of warm milk and you will feel completely renewed.

– by Kahita Hari Nam Kaur

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